Little Ballet Stars

Award winning babyballet® dance classes in doreen and mernda



Does Little Ballet Stars Have a Uniform?

Yes, we do have a uniform, however, this is not compulsory. Your little star may choose to wear their favourite dance outfit, this may be a fairy dress, tutu or super hero costume! Just make sure all clothing is free to move in and dresses/skirts are no longer than the knee to avoid tripping. Ballet shoes are preferred (bare feet are acceptable for trial lessons). No socks or jiffies are allowed as they are too slippery. Tap shoes are optional for our babyballet® Movers and babyballet® Groovers.

Are there trial classes available?

Yes, we offer one free trial class for every new student with no obligation. Please fill out the Contact Us section and we will be in touch with you shortly to arrange your free trial lesson.

Can parents watch classes?

Our babyballet® Tinies (18 months – 3yrs) class requires a parent or guardian to participate. Don’t worry Parents and Grandparents, there is no dance experience required and I can assure you, you will have as much fun as your little one! babyballet® Movers (3yrs – 4yrs) and babyballet® Groovers (4yrs – 6yrs) parents/guardians are welcome to watch, however, due to studio space and distractions we do ask siblings to sit quietly during lessons to avoid the students from being distracted.

Does Little Ballet Stars have a presentation?

Yes, there will be an end of year presentation at the end of Term 4 for our babyballet® Movers (3 yrs – 4yrs) and babyballet® Groovers (4yrs – 6yrs). This is a relaxed presentation day with no pressure, and no huge expenses for our little ones to show their family and loved ones what they have learnt throughout the year. All children, including babyballet® Tinies (18 months – 3yrs) will receive a certificate and medal on their presentation day or final lesson of the year.