Little Ballet Stars

Award winning babyballet® dance classes in doreen and mernda


The classes at Little Ballet Stars, Doreen and Mernda are all led by Alison Beeby.    

Alison has over 30 years experience in the dance world and commenced dancing at the young age of five years old. Over her career, she has studied and competed at the highest levels in Australia and internationally achieving the following:  

• Attainment of the Royal Academy of Dance Solo Seal   

• Medallist in the prestigious Adeline Genee Awards in London   

• Toured England and Europe, visiting well renowned Ballet Schools and Ballet Companies

• Accepted a position in the Australian Ballet School in Melbourne      

After retiring from her own dance career, Alison continued as a dance teacher for 13 years passing on knowledge to children of all ages in Sydney and Newcastle, Australia.

While Alison is very excited to be able to share these wonderful dance classes in Doreen and Mernda, as well as her passion, knowledge and experience for dance, the priority for her classes are for the children to enjoy themselves, have fun and learn in a caring environment. The babyballet® program is a perfect way to achieve this by introducing children into the world of ballet, song and dance.